How It Works

Hello everyone !

This page is about how to register, verify and Publish your job vacancies freely at “Job Vacancy Post” is a free online job posting website that allows you all to create username and password of your own choice to post job vacancy freely at all. You can list jobs at our site for 15 days. That means, each job can be live for 15 days.  To apply for the job, applicant also needs to be registered on our system. Registering and posting jobs is always free. Applying to the jobs is also free. There is no any hidden cost in our free job posting site.

Registration Process for Job Vacancy Post

  1. Register as Job Seeker or Employer.
  2. Fill in the details in the registration form. Fill up Username such as your first name or any other which has not made before by others. Enter Gmail or yahoomail or hotmail and enter a password with at least 6 characthers which has not used in other account password. Password should be strong including the symbol like @, #, &, $, * ,etc.
  3. After then, Click on Create button.
  4. Verify your user account for by login into your email.
  5. Finally, you are ready to use freely to post jobs or apply for the jobs.